Memory Blocks at Different Games 2018

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Tagged: wpi, twine, ghoulnoise, interactive fiction, different games, secret project b64, if, memory blocks

Memory Blocks, the Twine anthology game I mentioned a while back, is showing at the Different Games Arcade! That's the weekend of Oct 13 in Worcester, MA.

Some memories fade. Some memories break. Some memories outlive us.

I have a small chapter in Memory Blocks, but there are many other chapters by a whole bunch of cool people. Plus music, art, and overall production by Ghoulnoise.

I see a bunch of cool people showing games and speaking at Different Games, so I expect it will be a good time. I'll be hanging around, so I'll see you there, if you're there! Look for the green jacket.

(Will I have a new IF work of my own to show off? Depends whether I get more done on the puzzles, the story, or the UI in the next five weeks...)