About Me

Andrew Plotkin is a freelance game designer and interactive fiction guru. He is the designer of Hadean Lands, Shade, Spider and Web, and other IF classics.

Professional site: Zarfhome.com Personal site: Eblong.com

About This Blog

This blog is built by a hand-crafted static site generator called Bloggor. "Hand-crafted" means "for my own use". It's open-source and you're welcome to try it but it comes with no meaningful support or documentation.

Earlier versions of this blog were hosted on Google Blogger and, before that, at Jason McIntosh's Gameshelf. All of my old posts and their comments have been imported into the current blog. The formatting may have suffered, but the words (and images) should be there.

My comments system is federated from Mastodon. That is to say, when I announce a post on Mastodon, replies to that twoot become blog comments. I generally freeze each comments thread after a couple of weeks.

For more on the comments system, see this page.