Hadean Lands source code

Saturday, April 1, 2023

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I said I'd do it, so here it is: the complete source code for Hadean Lands. Also, as a bonus, the test scripts I used while developing the game.

Do I need to say "spoiler warning"? I figure most readers of this blog have already played Hadean Lands, but if you're arriving late, then, you know -- spoilers. The code makes everything apparent. The test scripts constitute a walkthrough, too.

Note that I've formatted the source code for browsing, not compiling. It's a pain in the butt to compile (requires a very old version of Inform 7) and I'm not looking for patches or bug fixes. This is purely to satisfy people's curiosity. I've used my usual game source license: The game, story, and prose belong to me. You're welcome to make use of the programming concepts or the Inform code if that's helpful to you.

This is a contribution to IF Source Code Amnesty Day. Join in! Dig up your old IF game code and post it on Github or the IF Archive or wherever. Doesn't matter how janky or hacky or poorly formatted it is. (That's the "amnesty" part.) Future scholars may be interested.

In particular, if you wrote a room of Cragne Manor, drop me a line. I can add the source code to the Cragne source collection.

(This collection is an unofficial effort among Cragnites who want to participate. Ryan and Jenni aren't asking, and I haven't solicited any source code from them. It's just between you and me.)

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