I'm giving a talk next week at Northeastern

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tagged: zarf, northeastern, lecture, if, game design

Almost forgot to say: I am part of the Games@Northeastern Lecture Series and am giving a talk on Tuesday the 28th! 6pm Eastern time. Ryder Hall, Northeastern University, Boston.

The talk description isn't on the web site yet, so here it is:

The Great War Between Interactivity and Narrative

We know there was no such war, because interactive narrative games happened and keep on happening. So why is it so easy to believe in the contradiction? Through what lens can we view game design to resolve the illusion?

The talk is free to attend, or you can watch online. Register here for online (Zoom seminar) attendance.

According to Northeastern's COVID FAQ, masking is not required. "Guests and visitors to all of our campus locations are expected to be fully vaccinated but are not required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test."

Thanks to Chris Martens for inviting me to speak.