Jason Shiga's Leviathan

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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Jason Shiga, the author of Meanwhile, has a new path-picking comic book! It's called Leviathan and it's out today from all your better comic book stores.

Cover of the hardback edition
But wait! Does that mean... Yes! Just like Meanwhile, Leviathan will become a fully-playable interactive game... comic... thing of its kind. Jason has reformatted his new book into a five-foot-square "infinite canvas" layout, and I am in the process of building a new app which uses that layout.

The details:

  • Leviathan will be released first for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It will be available on Steam and Itch.IO. Wishlist the Steam version today! We love that.
  • I am also planning an iPhone/iPad/AppleTV version of Leviathan. However, that will take longer. Steam will be first.
  • I don't have release dates for you yet. Watch this space.
  • Is there a squid? My friends, Leviathan is about the squid.
  • Did I mention that the hardback edition is out today? You can buy it.

Oh yes -- while I was updating the Meanwhile app framework, I also updated the Meanwhile app itself. (On Steam and Itch.) You won't see any big changes on the surface. This is just keeping the engine fresh. It natively supports the new Macs, that's about the only interesting part.

More news as it happens. Until then, how about a sneak peek at Leviathan?

The entire map of Leviathan... actual size. (Ok, not actual size.)

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