Hey, submit a NarraScope talk

Monday, April 18, 2022

Tagged: narrascope, call for proposals

The deadline for NarraScope's call for proposals is Friday! Did I mention that? NarraScope is back. We want you to talk about interactive narrative on the weekend of July 30. Send us your proposal!

The conference is once again all-online. (An in-person conference might be reasonable this year -- depending exactly when you ask. But we really didn't want to start planning one and then have to tear up those plans in, like, June. So online it is.)

We are still working out how online social interaction will work; more news on that is coming.

As before, we are accepting proposals for 60-minute, 30-minute, and lightning (15-minute) talks. Panel discussions can also happen; see the CFP page.

Hope to hear from you, unless we already have, in which case thank you!