NarraScope starts tomorrow

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tagged: twitch, narrascope, interactive fiction, if, iftf

I'm sure I don't have to remind you, but the streaming of NarraScope talks begins tomorrow at noon (Eastern time) on the NarraScope Twitch channel.

At 12:00 (Eastern) on Thursday we'll have Graham Nelson speaking on the future of Inform 7. Then at 5:00 pm, Chris Klimas and Stuart Moulthrop will talk about Twine's Chapbook format.

Sorry, we know it's confusing to have two talks -- with a gap between them! -- on the day before the formal conference kickoff. Thursday was supposed to be all workshops, and then stuff changed.

So, to be clear, tune in Thursday for the presentations on Inform 7 and Twine. Then come back Friday (noon Eastern) for our official opening micro-ceremony and Xalavier Nelson Jr.'s keynote address. Then it's wall-to-wall talks from noon to 6:30 pm (Eastern), every day from Friday the 29th through Thursday the 4th. That's eight straight days of NarraScope talks.

Q&A and session discussion will happen on our Discord. Conveniently, that's also the place to ask any questions which I forgot to answer in this post.