NarraScope 2019: still seeking talk proposals

Monday, January 7, 2019

Tagged: boston, narrascope, talks, interactive fiction, mit, if

Hello! Happy 2019! I know, this is my second blog post of 2019, I forgot. Rabbit vorpal rabbit.

Let me remind everybody that 2019 is the year of NarraScope 2019, the IF/narrative/adventure gaming conference which we will be running in Boston in June. Cambridge, I should say -- it will be on MIT campus.

Let me also remind you (this is the real point here) that we are still accepting proposals for NarraScope talks! And panels, presentations, lightning talks, and so on. If you're advancing the state of the art in interactive narrative, or just doing stuff you're excited to talk about, please sign up.

The deadline for proposals is January 18th, which is just under two weeks away. We hope to hear from you.

NarraScope celebrates the diverse voices of game design. We aim to create a safe, welcoming, and accountable space for all participants.