Vote: USA 2018 edition

Friday, November 2, 2018

Tagged: politics, vote

You have heard all of this before.

"Both parties are equally bad..." I said that in my first adult election year. Bush (senior) vs Dukakis. I didn't vote. I was eighteen years old. I was stupid and it was a stupid thing to say.

"If voting could change the system..." Yes, there was the gerrymandering and the vote suppression. But if Trump voters hadn't shown up to vote, Trump wouldn't have won. That was the story of 2016. They showed up.

"It's too late..." Yes, in many respects it is too late. The GOP has the Supreme Court for a generation. They have the climate change that they fought so hard for. 2018 happened and it sucked. The question is, what is it not too late to hold onto?

"This is the most important election..." That one's true. This is the most important election in your lifetime. 2016 was the most important election in your lifetime too. 2008 was the most important election in your lifetime. So were 2004 and 2000. We didn't lose all of them.

If you're an American voter, you need to vote. You've heard it before. People have been shouting it at you for months. Years. I have nothing to add, no magic argument.

I've already voted. (Massachusetts had early voting.) I have nothing left to do except wait, and post this. Posting this isn't anything. Posting this makes me feel futile and helpless. I realize you're the choir-iest crowd I could preach to. But I have two years of shared fear and despair pooled in my guts, same as you, and I have to say something. I can't leave it unsaid.

Vote on Tuesday. Against the fucking white supremacist party.