Meanwhile and Hadean Lands: the summer sale!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tagged: hadean lands, sale, meanwhile,, interactive fiction, steam, if

That time has come around again: the time when you buy a stack of exciting games which you always meant to try!

(Or "that time when your to-play stack grows out of control", but I shouldn't lead with that, should I...)

What I mean is: Meanwhile and Hadean Lands are both discounted for the Steam Summer Sale! 50% off on Meanwhile, 25% off on HL. The sale runs for two weeks, as is Steam's invariable habit.

If you like your platforms independent and scratchy, both games are also on sale at Itch.IO. Both 50% off there, so that's a bonus for HL fans.

I suspect that most of my regular blog-readers already own both games -- thank you! But this is a fine time to spread the word about interactive fiction and experimental dynamic narrative. You don't even have to say "interactive fiction and experimental dynamic narrative". Just tell your friends about the wacky text games. One of them is illustrated! It's an unbeatable deal.