Hadean Lands and Leadlight Gamma bundle sale

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tagged: itch, leadlight gamma, hadean lands, wade clarke, interactive fiction, if

Yes, we're deep in summer-sale madness, but let me draw your eyes to one more: the Parser Power Summer Double!

For the next seven days, only on Itch.IO, you can buy Hadean Lands together with Wade Clarke's Leadlight Gamma in a half-price bundle. Comes with some freebies, too -- the LLG soundtrack and a hi-res download of the HL map.

If you're not familiar with Leadlight Gamma, it's a retro CRPG-IF hybrid game of high school monster terror. Originally released in 2010 for the Apple 2! How retro is that?

(Bonus items will not appear in your Itch download inventory list; they will be emailed to you after your purchase of the games.)

Why only on Itch? Because Itch supports multi-author bundles, which is a cool idea and we want to try one.