A shorter later June update

Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Jeremie Lariviere steps forward to ask for an update. Okay, fair enough.

I let this update slip late, because I hoped I would have a Secret Project to announce. But legal paperwork takes however long some other lawyers think... Hang on. Wait. That's what I wrote six weeks ago. It's still true. Dammit.

There has been progress, however, in that the party of the third part has sent a contract draft back to the party of the second part, whose lawyers are now looking it over, and will send a draft back to the party of the first part, who is me, and then my lawyers will look it over, and -- you get the idea. That's just how it has to work. When we all converge and the contracts are signed, I will have big announcement.

But that is not Hadean Lands news. I'm afraid that work on this secret thing -- and, subsequently, stress in waiting for legal work on this secret thing -- has contributed to June being "not IF month" for me. I have gotten some work done on a different secret project, purely out of compulsive fiddling. (If you've been following my Twitter messages, you have a hint of where that started. But not where it's going.)

So the plan is that July will put IF back at the top of my priority list. Of course the secret project will (I hope) uncork during July, so then I'll be juggling two things at the top of my list. But that's normal for me. I've been doing that every month since January, it's just that which items are on top keep shifting. I have milestones for July, but I hate announcing milestones, so you'll have to wait until the next update to see how I'm doing on them (or not). Sorry.

I did finally get the new computer I promised myself in December. So that's progress, although only indirectly.

In other catch-up news: Balticon was great but I only wound up doing one IF event. So it was. I am not going to be at Readercon this year (I gave an IF talk there last year, which was nice, but doesn't need to be annual). I expect to drop in on Mysterium, which is a tiny Myst fan convention in town, but that's just for fun. And not until August anyhow.

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