Calligraphic poetry

Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Today I went to a presentation by Amaranth Borsuk, a poet who plays with "textual materiality" -- meaning, if I can give a biased summary, the study of the user interface of text.

One of her projects is Between Page and Screen, a hand-bound book of poetry. The book is not for sale; only twelve copies have been printed. However, I was able to jot down several of the poems during the presentation -- in shorthand, as it were.
1111   0010
0001   0001
1001   0001
1110   0110

I went home and inscribed two of them by hand, drawing on all my (occasional) training in calligraphy:

Of the two I drew, only one worked. Apparently my artwork is imperfect, and all the meaning ran out at the seams of their boots.

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