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Sunday, November 14, 2010

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In this spot, I'm going to collect links to news articles, interviews, and random discussion threads about Hadean Lands and my Kickstarter effort. Apologies to those of you who have been voraciously reading all the links as they roll by. (Which is all of you, right? Right?)

Comment if you see one I missed.

Things I've Posted

I originally posted on The Gameshelf, on intfiction.org, and of course on my own web site.

I've been making regular posts to the Kickstarter updates page. I will continue posting there, discussing the promotion and development process. Those posts will also appear here on The Gameshelf, from now on.

Articles and interviews

Andrew Plotkin And Mobile Interactive Fiction -- TK-Nation, Cassandra Khaw (2010-11-01) (First post!)

Interactive Fiction Dev Raising Money For Hadean Lands, Mad Plan -- GameSetWatch, Eric Caoili (2010-11-01)

Andrew Plotkin Wants to Write IF Fulltime and You Can Help -- TIGSource, Derek Yu (2010-11-01)

IF Author Raises $10,000 In One Day -- Rock Paper Shotgun, Quintin Smith (2010-11-02)

Hadean Lands: Interactive Fiction per iPhone -- L'avventura è l'avventura, Giovanni Riccardi (2010-11-02)

Text To Speech: Andrew Plotkin Interview -- Rock Paper Shotgun, interview via Quintin Smith (2010-11-05)

Interactive Fiction: Abenteuer, nur im Kopf -- Die Presse, Georg Renner (2010-11-13)

How I raised $24,000 on Kickstarter -- CNNMoney, guest article (2010-11-15)

Andrew Plotkin interview -- Adventure Classic Gaming, interview via Philip Jong (2011-01-07)

Interacting with Andrew Plotkin -- Black Clock, interview (2011-01-13)

Kickstart-ed Andrew Plotkin on Interactive Fiction for iPhone -- Indie Superstar, interview (2011-01-19)

The Setup -- interview on what tools I use (2011-01-22)

Entrevista a Andrew Plotkin -- El Blog de Manu, interview via Manuel Sagra (2011-02-08)

Blog posts

(not a complete list, because the blogging world is legion and a half)

Monday, Monday! -- The Kickstarter Blog, weekly post, included by Cindy Au (2010-11-01) (My project has also appeared on Kickstarter's "popular" list and the front page, to my inestimable benefit)

Hadean Lands -- Emily Short (2010-11-01)

Lebling Lurks, Zarf is Kickstarted -- Nick Montfort (2010-11-01)

Hadean Lands: Interactive Fiction for the iPhone by Andrew Plotkin -- Kickstarter -- Wiley Wiggins (2010-11-02)

The new frontier -- neophyte (2010-11-02)

Help Andrew Plotkin Write Text Adventures Full Time -- Stephen Granade (2010-11-02)

Andrew Plotkin's New Game on Kickstarter -- M. Zack Urlocker (2010-11-08)

Plotkin Makes a Go At It -- Jason Scott (2010-11-10)

The return of interactive fiction -- Ken Gagne (2010-11-18)

Forum discussions

Hadean Lands -- Metafilter (2010-11-01)

IF creator knows how to raise money -- GOG.com (2010-11-02)

Zarf's Hadean Lands project -- Quarter To Three (via peterb) (2010-11-05)

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