Meanwhile 1.1.0 on Steam, Itch, and Mac App Store

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Tagged: itch, unity, app store, jason shiga, meanwhile, steam, macos

I've posted an updated version of Meanwhile for Mac, Windows, and Linux. All versions have been updated on Steam and Itch.IO. (The iPhone/iPad version was updated last month.) And now, for the first time, the Mac version is available on the Mac App Store!

This is a very minor update. The only differences are that I've updated the Unity framework to Unity 2018.4, and the Mac version is now properly signed and notarized. You shouldn't see any differences in play.

(If you do, or if you have any trouble running the new version, please let me know!)

Meanwhile is Jason Shiga's classic choose-your-own-path comic book about mad science, global catastrophe, and happiness. 2020 is the tenth anniversary of the hardback publication of Meanwhile, and the ninth anniversary of the interactive app version! I'm really happy to still be supporting this excellently brain-bending comic after all these years.